Apply for a Utah Medical Cannabis Card

I help every patient get a Utah medical cannabis card if they need it!

I have successfully assisted hundreds of patients just like you obtain their Utah medical cannabis card and I am confident and quick when using the states cannabis system.

After being recommended by a Utah QMP, the next step is to enroll in the EVS. The Electronic Verification System (EVS) is the ‘hub’ of the Utah Medical Cannabis Program, serving as the main access point for patients, physicians, pharmacies and law enforcement. Within this hub patients can complete the Utah cannabis card application. Completing the EVS application is the next step after meeting with your Qualified Medical Provider (QMP).

For patients, the registry includes sections for managing and applying for the State card and viewing recommended orders. Caregivers have access to themselves and the patients they care for.

Within the certifications section, patients can see what types of routes of medication have been recommended by their physician, as well as any limits. Within the purchase section, patients and their providers can view what was previously purchased in order to stay consistent with your medication. Within the profile section of the registry, patients can track the status of their application, renewals, and card printing.

Utah Cannabis cards will be received via email, which means you can print this out on a piece of paper or you can “screen shot” this and save as a photo on your cell phone. 

All patients must have an active email to apply for a Utah Medical Cannabis Card.  

The Utah Department of Health oversees the Utah Medical Cannabis Program, including card applications, approvals and the EVS.

Utah Department of Health website:    

Electronic Verification System:

Utah Dept of Health Email:

Phone – 801-538-6504

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